Power & Manual Window Repair (Motors and Regulators)

Power window. Kleerchoice AutoGlass repairs and replaces power windows and regulators
Power window motor. Kleerchoice AutoGlass repairs and replaces power windows and regulators.

There’s nothing better in the summertime than driving around with the windows down. Likewise, it’s nice to be able to keep the windows up and crank the heat when it’s chilly out.  The functionality of your power or manual window is not only important for your comfort level while driving but also ensures the safety of your car and the belongings inside when parked in a lot or on the street.

Power windows are actively used in a vehicle. You may not realize how frequently you press that switch or lever to bring the windows up and down, but over time this will take its toll on the window motor and regulator. When your power or manual window stops rolling up or down, the technicians at Kleerchoice AutoGlass can fix it.

Another issue with power windows is the potential for them to get out of alignment. When windows come out of alignment, they move slowly or get stuck. This generally stems from failing cable and pulley regulators. Depending on wether the window has fallen or if it is cocked out of place, the regulator may need to be replaced or put back together.

The window regulator and motor assembly is what moves the window up and down, and we do these kinds of repairs every day. Whether your window rolls up manually or with the touch of a button, trust the experience Kleerchoice AutoGlass offers matched with quality and affordable prices to get your car back on the road and ready to handle whatever weather or road condition comes your way.

Motors and Regulators

Does Your Car, Truck or SUV Have A Broken Power Window?

Kleerchoice AutoGlass is here to help! We have wide experience in repairing power windows systems for cars, vans, SUVs and light trucks, both foreign and domestic.

The technicians at Kleerchoice AutoGlass will inspect your power window system for simple and easy-to-fix problems, such as dirty contacts or a faulty switch so you won’t spend a lot of money on something that doesn’t need to be replaced.

In the event that your motor in fact does need replacement, our certified technicians will replace it for you to factory specifications. You can rest assured you’ll get only the finest quality parts for your repair.

The next time you find yourself with a little power window problem,  give us a call or schedule an appointment using the button below.


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