Sun Roof and Moon Roof Service and Replacement

Broken sunroof. Kleerchoice Auto Glass repairs and replaces sunroofs, moonroofs, and t-tops.

Sunroofs need periodic maintenance and adjustment like any other mechanical item in your car.

Sunroofs aren’t sealed to prevent water from coming in at the roof but have a drain system to channel water down the front windshield pillars of the car and drain behind the front wheels. People often assume they have a windshield leak when in reality the problem might be caused by clogged sunroof drain tubes. An easy fix for Kleerchoice AutoGlass’ technicians to handle and while they are at it they will lube and make adjustments to mechanisms so your sunroof works smoothly and seals properly.

There are various sunroofs including panoramic, retracting and pop up and a variety of potential problems, from leaks to tracks, to motor issues. Our technicians can identify the problem and resolve it efficiently.

We service and repair all brands of factory and aftermarket sunroofs. Whether your vehicle has a pop up, moon roof, inbuilt sunroof, spoiler sunroof or panoramic sunroof, Kleerchoice AutoGlass can repair just about any sunroof. We can locate parts from most manufacturers like Sky Top, Sky Lite, Webasto, Hollandia, Signature, C&C, Component concepts, ASC, American Sunroof, or Inalpha sunroofs. If your car has a factory installed sunroof and it needs servicing or repair, bring it to Kleerview AutoGlass. We can offer a replacement sunroof glass, sunroof switch, or we can replace your leaking sunroof seal. We service sunroofs for many car makes. domestic, european, and japanese.

  • Pop-up sunroofs
  • Spoiler sunroofs (tilts and slides)
  • Inbuilt sunroof systems
  • Folding sunroofs (rag-tops or cabrio coach)
  • Top-mount sliding sunroofs (rail mount topslider)
  • Panoramic roof systems
  • Removable roof panels (t-tops or targa roofs)
  • Solar sunroofs
  • Electric vs. Electronic Motorized power roof systems

If your sunroof motor is working slowly or you have a broken sunroof motor we may be able to get your sunroof replacement parts. Sometimes you insurance company offers glass coverage that covers a broken sunroof glass.

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